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We are explorers.

We believe in exploring, in seeing, in living. Experiencing as much as possible. Absorbing life.  Seeing something first hand, breathing it in, truly being part of the experience is incredible.

There is no better city to explore than New York. To raise a child in the city is amazing.

The culture, activities, and learning opportunities are endless. The museums, parks and playgrounds are incredible. The culture is undeniable. The city is our playground.

I know this playground well. As a well seasoned New Yorker who has lived here for 17 years, I know this city like the back of my hand. Now with toddler, I am re-exploring and seeing the beauty of our incredible home in a new light.

And it’s amazing.

Little Kid Big City showcases our love affair with the city through the eyes of our son. Seeing his reaction, his excitement, his amazement, is my everything.

Welcome to our New York. Come along as we explore NYC and beyond together.

Little Kid Big City | Navigating NYC, one ‘playground’ at a time.

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