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Buckets of Fun – Diggerland Theme Park


Can you Dig It? At Diggerland, yes you can! You can literally dig, excavate, operate, drive and ride on real construction vehicles at Diggerland USA, a construction themed adventure park where families can experience heavy machinery in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Opened in 2014, the first-ever construction themed park in the USA covers over 14 acres and has over 25 attractions! The coolest part? All of the attractions are diesel powered and made from full-size construction equipment that has undergone advances and engineering modifications.

Getting up close and personal with construction vehicles at Diggerland USA

Guests at Diggerland can get up-close and personal and participate in everything from driving giant backhoes, digging holes with excavators and operating just about every sort of machine you can imagine. Diggerland is more than just a theme park! It is a construction lovers fantasy, and brings the thrills of a real construction site directly to your family.

We had buckets of fun during our recent visit! Our full experience below.

Diggerland USA Construction Theme Park

The Construction Site

The construction theme continues through the park – with industrial fencing, workman signs, and ride attendees in hard hats and safety vests – it really felt as if you had stepped right onto a construction site. We loved that Diggerland was laid out perfectly for families. It is not overwhelmingly big, and the layout of the activities were extremely easy to navigate.

There are over 25 attractions, and a family could hit close to all of them in a given day. The lines were shorter then other amusement parks – and we were able to walk either directly on to many of the rides, or stand in line with a very minimal wait, which was amazing.

Diggerland has a full-service café, “The Lunch Pail”, and a concession stand, “The Munch Box”, to fill hungry construction bellies on site. Food ranges from pizza to sandwiches, as well as wraps and salads. Note the dining area is an open air (but covered) pavilion.

Diggerland USA Off Road Vehicle

Ride Time

Safety First! Many of the Diggerland attractions require a minimum of 36″ to ride, and some also require the assistance of a parent or legal guardian. A few attractions require a 42″ height to participate, such as the Greased Beast, Spin Dizzy and the Sky Shuttle. If your child is under 36″ they are admitted free, but it is important to note that the attractions they may participate with are extremely limited and would only include the barrel train, playground and arcade. Great for Grandparents – all non-participating guests over 65 years in age are also free. Specific height needs are clearly listed on Diggerland’s Height Requirement Page here.

We visited on a Thursday and enjoyed over 10 rides. Our son just hit the 42” height requirement, so he was able to enjoy all attractions. Some of our personal favorites were:

Construction Machine Bowling at Diggerland USA

Mini Digger Bowling – two of my son’s favorite things – trucks and games is a genius combination. He couldn’t get enough of this fun contraption!

Sky high at Diggerland USA

Sky Shuttle – Diggerland takes guests to new heights on this 10 person Telehandler! Mom was too scared of heights, but our little guy (and Daddy) loved this ride!

Dig-A-Round Carousel at Diggerland USA

Dig-A-Round – Diggerland’s version of a carousel! This half merry-go-round, half excavator ride was completely customized for guests to sit within tractor buckets! (This was my favorite.)

Mini Go-Carts at Diggerland

Digger Derby –smaller in size with push button operation – these go-carts are perfect for kids.

Groundshuttle Ride at Diggerland USA

Ground Shuttle – A re-imagined Telescopic Handler brings passengers 6 ½ feet off the ground through a dirt course. What a ride!

Playground at Diggerland

Off Site Fun

Aside from the machinery based rides and experiences – Diggerland offers other exciting fun for kids and families. For adventure seekers there is (one of the world’s tallest!) rope courses where kids are fitted with a safety harness and can try to climb up 4 stories; or try to conquer a large rock climbing wall that is over 32 feet tall. For little ones there is a “Kid Zone” playground with slides and swings, a barrel train, a lively arcade, a “Gold Digger” rock sifter and even a water pump rubber duck race station. Be sure not to leave before saying “Hi” to Dozer and Diesel, the parks (very cute) resident dwarf goats! (You can meet them right now on the Diggerland Goat Cam!)

Diggerland XL for adults at Diggerland USA

Diggerland – Not just for Kids

Not just for kids, Adults can dig in for some thrilling fun too! With Diggerland XL Adults can operate unrestricted, full size construction equipment after taking one-on-one instruction from the heavy machinery foreman. Through radio communication – you’ll be guided through your adventure, and be able to feel the actual power of a real-life bulldozer, wheel loader or excavator. For a more CRUSHING experience, you can opt to bring in your own car, and crush it on-site, or purchase one to crush for $395. Note these are ONLY for adults age 18 years and older.

 Special Events

Diggerland hosts many special events and activities throughout the year. The popular Touch-a-Truck event is set up outside the gates of Diggerland and is free to attend – allowing the community and families to get up close and personal with a wide range of trucks and service vehicles. The new Camp Out and Dig In allows or happy construction campers to spend the night in a tent at the park (s’mores included!). Diggerland also hosts special SAND nights for children and adults with special needs, check website for details.

Know Before You Go:

  • Children under 36″ and seniors over 65 receive free admission, but realize what small children can participate in is limited.
  • There is no outside food allowed in the park, with the exception of baby formula and water bottles.
  • There is a large parking lot directly outside the park – parking is free!
  • Diggerland closes in heavy rain or inclement weather. If you purchased tickets online, they will call you and alert you of the closing, and re-book your tickets for a different date. It’s always a good idea to call ahead/check the website for operating  hours before going.
  • Just as in a real construction site – have your little ones wear closed toe shoes while on the attractions as a safety precaution (note that some rides do require them – for adults too!).
  • While there are umbrellas and misters scattered throughout the park, shade is minimal and sunscreen is essential on a hot summer day.
  • There is a large gift shop with fun finds such as a construction hats, safety vests and construction toys and gifts.

Diggerland Construction Theme Park

Diggerland USA. 100 Pinedge Ct, West Berlin, New Jersey. Apx 90 mins from Manhattan. Tickets and more information HERE.

We thank Diggerland for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are our own.



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