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Joyous Day – Kinder Eggs arrive in the USA


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Kinder Eggs will soon be available in the USA!Kinder Eggs will soon be available in the USA!

Yet another reason to get excited for the holiday season, the beloved Kinder Eggs are finally making their way to the USA! Such an exciting announcement to hear that our favorite treat when we travel overseas will now be available right here at home. We were lucky enough to attend the stateside launch party for Kinder Joy™, and learn more about this amazing treat that is double the joy to eat!

Malin Akerman welcoming Kinder Eggs to the USAThe Kinder Joy eggs are officially here –they arrived by a surprising boat delivery into Chelsea Piers. The beautiful Malin Akerman helped celebrate the occasion, and shared her first memory of eating the Kinder Eggs in Sweden.

Kinder Eggs – A World Wide Sensation

Kinder eggs aren’t a new candy — and billions of these unique treats from Ferrero International are sold in over 170 countries every year! However, they have not been available stateside due to the Federal Drug Administration’s regulations.  But that’s all about to change soon, because Kinder eggs are officially coming to America!

Inside the egg: One side a Treat, the other a Toy = Double the Joy!Inside the egg: One side a Treat, the other a Toy = Double the Joy!

Kinder Joy – One Treat, One Toy, Double the Joy!

The wait is over friends. No longer is there a need to book a flight to try these delicious treats! Launching now is the new Kinder Egg version (created especially for the United States!) called Kinder Joy™, a plastic egg-shaped package that is comprised of two separate and sealed halves.

What’s inside this unique packaging? Kinder Joy™ is a delicious treat made of two soft cream layers – one sweet milk-cream flavored and one cocoa flavored.  In the creamy layers are two round, chocolate-covered wafer bites that are filled with cocoa cream. So unique – the soft delicious treat comes with its own spoon to eat it with!

The other half of the egg contains a (non-edible) surprise toy! There are over 40 different toys focused on play, learning and skill development. The toy side has folded instructions for assembly (when needed) as well as suggestions on further activities to discover with the toy that’s included.  The toys range from unique crayons, racing cars, balls, and even holiday and specialty licensed toys.

Kinder Joy will soon be a permanent treat in U.S. stores!

Kinder Joy – Availability

Kinder Joy™ will soon be a permanent treat in U.S. candy aisles! The treats will start appearing this month and will in many stores just in time for Christmas. There couldn’t be a better present!

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The Kinder Joy™ eggs are officially here!


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