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Lyft is now Offering Car Seats for NYC Families


Parents in New York City now have an easier (and safer) way of getting around town! Lyft, the popular and affordable car service that matches you with friendly local drivers at the tap of a button, is now offering car seats! This new service means that families can now commute and explore the city safely and conveniently with kids.

Lyft is now offering car seats for NYC familiesRiding by the new NYC Chihuly installation safely with Lyft

Lyft Car Seats – Your Answer to Commuting in the City

New York City families are always on the move. Between juggling work meetings and the commute to school, running to soccer or ballet class, or trying to get to a  cross-town playdate fast, it can be quite challenging to get around New York City with kids. Add in fold-able strollers and extra baggage, getting to a destination fast can be a literal nightmare for a hurried New Yorker!

A nightmare no longer – Lyft’s car seat service is a game changer for NYC families! Lyft’s car seat service means no more squeezing the kiddos up and down stairs into a packed subway car or dragging them through crowded city streets. New Yorkers can now simply open the Lyft app, tap on the car icon, then scroll down see the CAR SEAT option at the bottom of the screen.

Booking a Lyft with Car Seat on the Cell Phone AppLyft App is easy to use!

Lyft Car Seats – How it Works

By selecting the Car Seat option in your Lyft app, you can travel around NYC with your little one at the tap of a button – and avoid the hassle of the subway hustle! Here’s how:

  • Download or open the Lyft app, then tap the car icon to open the ride selector. Select “Car Seat.”
  • Set your pickup and destination, and request your Car Seat ride. Once your Lyft driver arrives, safely secure your child in the car seat and ride!
  • Screen shot images of the booking process below. Couldn’t be easier!
  • The car seat cost for the ride is a flat rate $8.98, plus sales tax and fees where applicable.

Booking a Lyft Car Seat on their App


Buckling into a Lyft Car SeatA safe ride starts with proper installation

Installation and Specifics

Car Seat drivers use the IMMI Go car seat. This is a forward-facing car seat suitable for kids over 12 months old who are between 31 and 53 inches in height, and weigh 22 to 48 pounds. The Lyft driver is responsible for safely installing and uninstalling the car seat at the beginning and end of each ride. The rider is (rightly) responsible for safely securing children in the seat and then removing them at the end of the ride.

Is it safe? Lyft has engaged third-party child passenger safety (CPS) technicians that have been certified under the National Child Passenger Safety Training Program. These CPS technicians have tested each Lyft driver in the Car Seat program to assure that the driver knows how to properly install the IMMI Go car seat and that the car seat is in proper working condition.  Best practice – all riders should always double-check that the seat has been securely installed.

Happy traveler in Lyft Car Seat

Lyft Car Seats: A Happy Traveler 

Currently the program is only available in New York City, but will likely expand to other cities soon.

Know Before you Ride:

  • There’s only one car seat provided per vehicle, so big families would only be able to request one car seat per ride.
  • You need to be sure you have the latest Lyft app update on your phone to see the car seat option.
  • While many cars offer this service, it is not every vehicle in Lyft’s fleet. The wait time may be a few minutes longer for a vehicle.

More Information on Lyft HERE
Happy Riding New York!

Thank you Lyft for sponsoring this post. As always, all views and opinions are of our own.


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