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NYC Winter Adventure: Icy Day in the City Family Itinerary


It’s (literally!) as cold as ice in NYC! With a relentless cold spell on the horizon – there’s no beating this wintry misery we are in, so why not enjoy it instead? Bundle up the kids and grab our list of the best ways to (dare we say) EMBRACE this bitter cold weather by enjoying a wintry day together with the family. Read on for our Icy Day in the City Itinerary – and don’t forget to map your NYC Winter Adventure at the end of the article!

NYC Winter Adventure: Bryant Park Frozen Fountain

NYC Winter Adventure: Icy Day in the City Itinerary

Stop 1: Frozen Fountain

Start off the day by seeing a Manhattan marvel – the famous Bryant Park fountain covered in icicles!  Undoubtedly one of our favorite things to see during winter in NYC, is the Bryant Park fountain frozen in all its glory. Be forewarned – if the cold stretch continues for long, the weight of the ice becomes damaging to the fountain structure itself so the Bryant Park Corporation may turn off the water and started chipping away at the ice to relieve some of the weight. But no matter what the state of the ice, its still a pretty amazing (and rare) sight.

  • The fountain at Bryant Park. Located inside the park near 41st Street and 6th Avenue.


NYC Winter Adventure: Bryant Park Ice Rink with NYC Skyline

Stop 2: The Rink at Bryant Park

We’ve been slip sliding all over Manhattan’s sidewalks all winter – why not lace up some skates and slip on a proper surface? A beautiful rink. A beautiful Manhattan skyline view.  A beautiful price tag – FREE.  The Rink at Bryant Park is one of our favorite winter things to do in the city. Beginner skater? Don’t forget to ask about the cute skate aids that are shaped like penguins for kids.

  • Getting There: The RInk at Bryant Park is located mere steps from the fountain.
  • Bryant Park Ice Rink: 6th Avenue between 40th and 42nd. 212.661.6640. Ice Rink Entrance near 40th street and 6th Avenue. Skating is free, skate rental is $20. More information HERE.

The Famous Milkshakes at Black Tap

Stop 3: Black Tap

Skating on ice can work up an appetite! If you can’t shake the chill – then why not embrace the icy spell with a ginormous milkshake. Black Tap has a location now in Midtown Manhattan – walk from Bryant Park (if you are not frozen) or grab a quick Uber up to 55th Street to grab one of these happy sweet treats. We love Black Tap, the infamous burger bar and milkshake mecca that has taken Manhattan (and Instagram) by storm. Their beautiful works of art are over the top- literally! Standing at a foot tall and bursting with candies, treats, and more – these overwhelming and overflowing milkshakes are a sweet treat any season, or weather. The menu changes frequently with new shake concoctions – and has a menu full of food options such as their craft burgers and burger salads as well.

  • Getting There: From Bryant Park Walk up 5th Avenue to 55th Street (a 13 block walk). Uber/taxi would be quick ride up 6th Avenue.
  • Black Tap Midtown.  136 West 55th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues. Open daily at 11am. More information on this location HERE.

Minus5 Ice Bar located in NYC

Stop 4: Minus 5 Ice Bar

Now with a full belly you’ll be able to handle this icy mansion in the city. Minus 5 Ice Bar is only 1 1/2 blocks away from Black Tap – it’s such a quick walk you may not have to argue with the kids about wearing a hat! The whole family will love chillin’ in this house made of ice. At Minus5 Ice Bar  everything is made of ice – the furniture, chairs, sculptures, chandeliers, and even the walls are all ice, creating a cool way to start out an afternoon of family fun! Named for its constant temperature – the ice bar is always, as one would guess, -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit). Upon entering, and depending on which package you have chosen, you receive a parka and gloves to wear and keep you warm. In comparison to the current weather in NYC – this would be considered a warm up.

  • Getting There: From Black Tap walk East  1/2 block to 6th Avenue and South 1 block to 54th Street. The Hilton Midtown takes up the entire block of 6th Avenue between 53rd and 54th Street. Minus 5 Ice Bar is located on the ground level and immediately view-able at street level.
  • Minus 5 Ice Bar. 1335 6th Avenue, between 53rd and 54th Street. Children are “cool” before 9pm. Check website for hours and entry packages HERE.

 LOVE Sculpture in NYC

Stop 5: Because you LOVE this Weather

Lovely weather we’re having! Cross 6th Avenue to see the famous LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, and take your photo opp proclaiming your love for this cold winter weather extravaganza. The Love Sculpture is one of the most famous pieces of pop art in history and sits prominently on the corner of Sixth Avenue at 55th Street. A must see during your NYC Winter Adventure through the city.

  • Getting There: Cross the street from Minus 5 Ice Bar and walk North a half block.
  • Love Sculpture. Northwest corner of 55th Street and 6th Avenue.


Igloos in the City at 230 Fifth

Stop 6: Igloos in the City

Do not adjust your screen – that is an Igloo in NYC! The perfect way to cap off your icy adventure – is sitting in an igloo perched high upon the 230 Fifth Rooftop in the Flatiron district. If you have any energy left after the icy itinerary – make your way to see these amazing igloos that seemingly sit atop of the city. Located on the largest rooftop in Manhattan, there are over a half-dozen igloos at 230 Fifth that welcome guests on a first come first serve basis. Come to experience an igloo,  but then stay for the view  – the Empire State building is almost directly next to you.  Read about our full experience HERE.

  • Getting There:  Walk from Minus 5 over to the yellow subway line and take  R W train to 28th Street 230 Fifth is located one block south on 5th Avenue.
  • 230 Fifth Rooftop Lounge. Location: 230 Fifth Avenue (27th Street and 5th Avenue). Hours: Rooftop Igloos are open from 4:00pm – 4:00am daily. Note: Children allowed on the rooftop from 4pm – 8pm during weekday hours, and during brunch service. More on 230 Fifth HERE

Map Your Adventure 

Find locations and more information on your NYC Winter Adventure below!


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