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Kookie Kid



Our yearly St. Patty’s Day cookies. Lil Kid LOVES to cook. He’s well on is way to a Michelin Star. Mom, not so much. It once took me over an hour to figure out how to turn on the oven, my husband does not allow me to use a sharp knife (*due to previous incidents) and I’ve started a fire in the microwave 3 times. This is not an exaggeration. A cook, I am not.

But Cookies from a tube that don’t resemble any shape and taste like processed sugar? Consider me Martha Stewart.

Here – our annual St. Pattys Day Cookies. Lil Kid is obsessed with sprinkles. His chef secret? It’s all in the ratio, 1:1. One container of sprinkles to one cookie. Shhh, Don’t tell.






New York City

Bubble Boy


imageGetting bubbly over National Bubble Week. Lil Kid can’t live without bubbles. What did parents do before Fubbles?


Getting Wild – at Great Wolf Lodge




After a relentless, brutal, awful, soul numbing winter in NYC we needed a break. Cabin fever was at an all time high. We ventured to a much bigger cabin in the woods – the infamous Great Wolf Lodge in Scotrun, PA. A massive complex with a massive indoor water park that really hit the mark. The hotel is beautiful with a north woods interior and décor – complete with a fireplace that is larger than our NYC apartment.  But the fireplace is not the only thing that is bigger, the lobby is a grandiose 4 stories tall. Part Davey Crocket, part Disney-esque woodsy escape, it was fun and inviting. Past the kitsch you come across the reason why you are here- windows overlooking the massive sprinkler system – the indoor water park. It’s about 3 stories tall and leaves you speechless. I look back to Lil Kid and see his jaw on the floor and his face is lit up like Xmas morn.
Later In the waterpark itself you’ll find all the usual suspects – lazy rivers, wave pools, slides, and heavily chlorinated water a plenty. Lil Kid had a blast frolicking in the water and became ‘slide guy’ quite quickly. He was mesmerized at the massive 3 story slides and apparatuses. Next time small fry, maybe next time.
After pulling our pruned selves from the water our mini man hit the mini glow-in-the-dark golf. Probably a bit too young as his idea of a hole in one is placing the ball in cup by picking it up and carrying it, but hey- whatever works. Tiger started somewhere.
Next our mini man tried his hand at mini bowling. Yes- even the bowling alley here is great for kiddies – as they were constructed with shorter alleys and mini 5 pound balls. Lil Kid loved it and didn’t want to leave. We also made the pre-requisite stuffed wolf friend – a la Build-A-Bear style – to take home before leaving.


Other fun involved a cheesy animated bedtime show with scary looking ‘are we at chunky cheese?’ characters followed by a bedtime story in the hotel’s lobby.

Overall – We had a great stay and it was just what the doctor ordered for our cabin fever. Proud to say we have definitely joined the wolf pack and will most likely be back again soon.


New York City

Ice Ice Baby




If you can’t beat them, join them the old adage goes.

Well, the weather is beating me senseless.

This has been a brutal winter in New York City. February has been the coldest month on record. The average high – only a mere 21 degrees. There have even been days where the temperature has dropped to an unbelievable negative 15 below zero.

In addition to the polar temperatures we have seen double the normal snow fall amount.
Its unprecedented for New York City. And For a city that walks everywhere – It has been awful, miserable, and unbearable.

We are Frozen. Solid.
For a family living in miniature New York city sized apartments this only means one thing…
A giant hell.
Sick of being inside. Sick of the apartment. Sick of craft projects. Sick of sore arms from trying to push the stroller through the snow.

I’m convinced Spring is never coming. We are never going to thaw.
Possibly I’ve been so cold for so long my brain has numbed – or perhaps I’ve literally gone stir crazy? But today I layered up lil kid, did some arm stretches, and went exploring in this icy abyss. And believe it or not we saw some cool things while doing so.

When in Rome – do as Romans do. When living in an igloo – eat ice, right?

Bundle up as Lil Kid Big City gives you a walking tour of some cool ways to enjoy the frozen abyss that has become Manhattan.

1. Ice Fountain
Bryant Park Fountain
Bryant Park – 6th Avenue between 40th and 42nd. Fountain centrally located near to 41st street on upper level by Ice Rink
I’ve been living in NYC for 13 years and have never seen the fountain frozen.
And its frozen. Solid. So frozen its become an issue. The weight of the ice was becoming damaging to the fountain structure itself so the Bryant Park Corporation has since turned off the water and started chipping away at the ice to relieve some of the weight.
None the less, its still an amazing site. And a great picture opportunity for the kiddies. A must see before the Spring thaw.

2. Ice Skating
The Rink at Bryant Park
Bryant Park – 6th Avenue between 40th and 42nd. 212.661.6640. Ice Rink Entrance near to 40th street and 6th
We’ve been slip sliding all over Manhattan’s sidewalks all winter – why not lace up some skates and slip on a even surface? A beautiful Rink. A beautiful view with the buildings. A beautiful price tag – FREE. The website states that the Rink’s last day of the season is March 1st. Due to the relentless deep freeze I heard they are considering to keep it open. TBD. Note: Skating is free, Skate rental is $15.

3. Ice Cream
Scoops R Us
Toys R Us Times Square – 44th Street at Broadway. 1514 W 44th St, New York, NY. 646.366.8800
The grand daddy toy store in NYC has a year around ice cream counter in the basement called Scoops R Us.
Pick your favorite Hagen Daaz flavor and dig in. Just be sure your face has unfrozen enough to taste your sugary treat.
Note: No seating available in the area. Plenty to watch however as the Ferris Wheel loads and unloads a few mere steps away.

4. Ice Bar
Minus 5 Ice Bar
The Hilton Hotel Lobby- 55th Street at 6th Avenue. 1335 Avenue of the Americas. 212.586.7000
The coolest experience in New York City? It is quite an adventure – The walls, chairs, bar, and even the glasses that they serve cocktails in are made of ice. There’s an LED light show and music thumping. Ice sculptures honoring good ol NYC landmarks. It cost over 5 million to build. They keep an ice carver on payroll to continuously update, replace, and re-invent the space.
It is crazy. It is cool.
Named for its constant temperature – the Ice bar is always, as one would guess, -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit). Upon entering and depending on which package you have chosen, you receive a parka and gloves to wear and keep you warm. But in comparison to the current weather in NYC – this would be considered a warm up. I almost wore my swim suit.
Kids are welcome before 6pm daily. A little pricey at $20 per person, yes. But its Manhattan…we’re used to crazy prices so it seemed somehow reasonable.