Pirates Magnified: Search and Find Book Adventure


Ahoy book lovers – have we got a swashbuckling adventure for you! Grab your magnifying glass and seek out the fascinating history of real pirates in the new book: Pirates Magnified: With a 3x Magnified Glass, published by Wide Eyed Editions. This gorgeous book, written by David Long and beautifully illustrated by Harry Bloom, explores a pirate’s life on the high seas, all while using the included magnifying glass to spot over 200 themed items throughout the books pages. An interactive adventure for pirate lovers and history adventure seekers of all ages.

Come along as we dive into this high seas adventure, in our review of this must-have book for little buccaneers!

Pirates Magnified comes with 3D Magnifying Glasses Ready for a seek and find adventure!

Pirates Magnified comes with its own 3D magnifying glass!The book brilliantly comes with its own 3x magnifying glass that is embedded in the cover


Pirates Magnified: A Seek and Find Adventure

How does the book work? The magnifying glass is smartly embedded directly in the book cover – simply lift the tab and you are ready for your search and find adventure! As you journey through the pages of the book, you’ll be able to use this magnifying glass to explore some of the key moments in the history of pirates, and discover interesting pirate facts and tidbits along the way. Our son absolutely loved the magnifying glass gimmick, and couldn’t wait to explore with it as we read through the pages. While you do not technically need the magnifying glass to search for hidden images, we found it a brilliant way to grab a child’s attention, and an exciting way to engage and interact with the reader.


A fun seek and find adventure awaits with Pirates Magnified On a search and find mission!Pirates Magnified: A Lesson in Fun!Magnifying the fun!

Pirates Magnified: A Lesson in Fun

Full Disclosure – we are huge Where’s Waldo fans. We have spent many hours looking for that little striped shirt man in his adventures through the years. We’re such fans, we even once dressed as Waldo and his crew for Halloween. But truthfully, while it is fun to search for Woof and his friends, they don’t offer the reader much of educational experience.

Pirates Magnified has brilliantly updated the seek and find book concept. Each page spread has fun-to-read, informational paragraphs concerning pirate history. Some of our favorites were the pages devoted to the history of the 10 most notorious pirates, such as Black Beard and Captain Kidd. The lessons continued throughout the book; including traded goods from the world, a glimpse into the pirates life above and below deck, and lessons on how the pirates navigated the seven seas that comes complete with a map. Love the bonus geography lessons for kids!


Searching for items in the new book Pirates Magnified: With 3x Magnifying glassLooking for an adventure!Pirates Magnified: Walk the PlankTalk like a pirate!

Pirates Magnified: Talk like A Pirate

You simply cant be a pirate without knowing the language of the seas! We love that Pirates Magnified includes an index of pirate facts and tidbits – including an entire section of General Rules and Pirate Slang. Not sure what a swabbie is? No need to walk the plank – there be an answer for you in the back of the book matey!  A full glossary of commonly used words and ship terms is included as well.


Pirates Magnified: With 3x Magnifying Glass by Wide Eyed Editions

Pirates Magnified: With a 3x Magnified Glass

We absolutely love this book – it is an interactive treasure that is a must for any little buccaneers’ library.  The intricate detail in the pictures by Harry Bloom is exceptional, there’s so much to see that each time you open the book it feels as if you are viewing it for the first time. The novelty of this book is good for any age, and learning about the fun history of pirates isn’t just for the kids, as it appeals to the parents too – I myself was fascinated to learn about pirates I had never heard of before!  Pirates Magnified is an exciting, educational read and a book we now search for nightly in our library.

Pirates Magnified: With a 3x Magnified Glass
Wide Eyed Editions. Written by David Long, illustrated by Harry Bloom.
More information HERE.

Thank you Wide Eyed Editions for the review copy of the book.
As always, all opinions and reviews are our own.


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