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A Ride through History – Nostalgia Train Ride


Running through New York City’s vintage subway cars during the annual Nostalgia Train ride! The Vintage Train is back! Sponsered by the NY Transit Museum and the MTA, every Sunday after Thanksgiving, through December, the tains are transported back to the subway tracks as part of the MTAs Holiday Vintage Program.

Walking through the holiday nostalgia train

Walking through a Nostalgia Train Wonderland!

Holiday Nostalgia Train pulls into the station

Behind the Nostalgia Trains

The train, dubbed the “Shoppers Special,” is a special 8 car train of a mixture of eras, subway cars that were originally in service from 1932 until 1977.

Walking through the holiday nostalgia tain

Each car is uniquely different through color, design. and the technology of the time. Fascinating!

Exploring the nostalgia train

Such an amazing sight! Usually housed in the Transit Museum – riding one of these trains is an experience not to miss. From raftan seats, ceiling fans, iridescent lighting, original roll signs, and vintage subway advertising – exploring these cars is like taking a step back through NYC’s history.

Old advertsiting in the vintage subway train

Love exploring the vintage advertising!

Nostalgia Train Photo shoot

Photo Fun

These amazing vintage trains have grown to be quite an underground attraction. Many revelers come dressed as in their 30s vintage best, including magicians, swing bands, and of course – photography fans!

We stumbled upon a shoot by the talented photographer of NY Castle. He graciously offered to take a picture for us, just look at his amazing work!

Nostalgia Train Photographer Photo

Nostalgia Train Photographer Photo

He’s offering incredible vintage photos sessions with the Nostalgic Trains – be sure to check out packages on his site HERE.

All aboard the Nostalgia Subway Train

Ride Time

After the shoot the train was ready to move. All aboard – the train is leaving the station! A bit bumpier then the modern ride – but what an experience to actually take this vintage car on an actual ride!

Riding the Nostalgia Train

Holding on to this memory!

Nostalgia Train is a special experience

Be sure not to miss this special experience!

Catch the Nostalgia Train

Want to Ride: Catch the Holiday Nostalgia Train on November 26, December 4, 11, and 18 at any Sixth Avenue local stop between Second Avenue and Queens Plaza. Train departs from Second Avenue at 10:00am, 11:30am, 1:00pm, 2:30pm, and 4:00pm.

Above ground more your style? The NY Transit Museum is also offering a selection of rides from the Museum’s vintage fleet of buses! They will be in service on the M42 route, Monday through Friday, December 5 – 21 from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with additional buses on display at Union Square and Herald Square.

More information and times can be found on the NY Transit Museum Website HERE

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