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8 Till Late – Felt NYC Bodega Exhibit


First and foremost – this needs to be clearly announced – EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS FELT! SERIOUSLY! Welcome to 8 Till Late – the highly anticipated convenience store opening that is an art exhibit unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Conceived by the artist and famed felt hero Lucy Sparrow  – ALL items in this brilliant, jaw dropping art exhibit were created completely and painstakingly out of felt fabrication.  A convenience store realized in a parallel felt universe – all of the handmade items within are available for purchase, making the everyday items on your shopping list something you can now cherish. Drop what you are doing, and run to this corner deli. You simply cannot miss this this plush project!

Every item within the 8 Till Late Exhibit is felt!

Lucy Sparrow standing inside her incredible exhibit: 8 Till Late

Behind the Bodega

British artist Lucy Sparrow is making her US debut with her 8 Till Late exhibit. In 2014, a similar piece, titled Cornershop, was a hit in London, with crowds lining up around the block to visit her plush project. Reactions ranged from the expected double-takes, to shoppers who rushed in to grab a quick product – not realizing it was an exhibit until trying to purchase them.

While Sparrow’s incredible work evokes a sense of childlike wonder, it also serves as a commentary on the endangered mom and pop neighborhood store.   Her art is to generate conversation about what is lost when these stores are being replaced by big box chains and franchises.

For the New York iteration, Sparrow immersed herself in American food and product brands, and studied many New York delis across the city. The result: 8 Till Late – a felted American convenience store  with fun twists and detailing to be sure it serves New York deli and bodega fans alike.

Streetside of the 8 Till Late Exhibit

8 Till Late: Street Side of the Felt Side

The 8 Till Late installation is located at a transformed 1200-square-foot space adjacent to The Standard hotel’s Biergarten on Little West 12th Street. The windows of the bodega are completely outfitted with felt products, and even the street signage is covered in felt fabrication.

8 Till Late: The Stocked Shelves of Felt 

Lucy’s iconic corner bodega is stocked high with over 9,000 convenience store and deli staples. As far as arms can reach – there are food items such as Wonder Bread to frozen pizzas, chips, black beans and even pickles, all stocked the shelves and were available for sale. A separate aisle holds everyday products such as band-aids and shampoo, and another isle for candy and beer, and liquor too.  There is a pizza station, deli meat counter, hotdog cart, frozen food and fresh food sections, as well as an ATM machine for cash needs.

8 Till Late: Felt in the Details

Each item within the bodega is hand crafted and sewn in felt. The fonts and branding are a combination of felt and painted lettering. Each item is completely made by hand: hand sewn, hand stuffed, hand painted, and one of a kind.

Come along as we tour each section of Lucy Sparrow’s 8 Till Late incredible bodega in detail:

Frozen Food Favorites – love the freezer section!

The commitment to branding and Lucy’s exquisite detailing is  gorgeously realized in the heavily branded pieces.

The Meat Counter! New Yorkers will quickly note the prerequisite cat, watching over the deli counter (a cat being a staple in NY Bodega culture). 

Just as a typical New York Deli – an ATM Machine was on-site and ready! (With felt money!)

Get Your Hotdogs Here! True to your typical 7-Eleven or Deli- the hotdog counter was spinning and ready.  Noting that EVERYTHING is felt – the electric hotdog grill itself is indeed felt, including the covering of the control knobs, and tongs.

 Prize Every Time! Children will love the prize machine, that contains small felted key-chains! Note: some items may not be child appropriate (such as the hysterical Prozac pill) but Lucy and her team are happy to exchange it for something more family friendly if needed such as a piece of candy.

From soda, juice, milk, and even bologna! 

Happy fruit and veggies watch you walk by in the fresh foods section.

I Scream for Felted Ice Cream! I scream, you scream, for FELT ice cream! Your ice cream favorites – including Rainbow Popsicle’s and Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food have been brilliantly created in the freezer section.

Cheers! Felted beer, champagne, and spirits are available as well. 

Not just food items! Just as a typical convenience store – there were all types of products to explore – including shampoos, Listerine, toothbrushes, and even products for feminine hygiene.

The candy section was appropriately stocked under the cash register counter – complete with gum and mints.

Ready to shop? Grab a clip board and create your grocery list!

Our special purchase – a Tootsie Roll treat!

All items are signed by Lucy herself!

Felted fun at the checkout!

For Your Visit:

  • This is ART! Just as in any gallery, you are not to touch anything. As these meticulous art pieces are covered in felt, the oils from our hands would ruin the fabrication. Be respectful of the exhibit, and weary of small hands that may grab at the pieces.
  • Have a favorite food or item? All items in the bodega are for sale! Prices start at $5.00 for a key chain. Want to fulfill a grocery list? Multiple items can be packed in a wooden container and are wonderful to displayed together.
  • Fun felted fact: Lucy said that the cat food and champagne bottle have been her best sellers!
  • The detail extends past the individual felted pieces – look closely around the store during your visit! There are many hidden fun finds, including a mouse who took a dive….
  • There is a gallery in the back of the store where visitors can purchase large scaled, framed pieces (including an actual shopping cart with numerous felt pieces)
  • There is no backstock of the items – as they sell the bodega will become empty (and even possibly close early!) RUN don’t walk to this incredible exhibit!

8 ’till late. Located at the Garden Room at The Standard, High Line. (69 Little West 12th Street). Open daily from 8am – 8pm. Through June 30th.

A huge thank you to Lucy and her team for making our visit a felted dream!

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