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We’re back to school and settling into a routine – but that doesn’t mean that the day has to be boring! From drama and acting, to even boxing – we can’t get enough of the wide selection of after school classes on KidPass! Where else could you book such different experiences in a single day? Below we highlight two of our recent after school adventures of play.

First – we had a whim to hit the gym – for an amazing Boxing class!dsc07313

The Church Street Gym offers a youth boxing class that teaches children basic boxing skills and techniques, while increasing strength and endurance to help keep their performance on peak. The class takes place at the Church Street Gym’s new Walker Street location in Tribeca.

This gym is the real deal. Boxing greats such as Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis have even trained here. The space itself is open, bright, and lively – complete with different boxing stations. boxing bags, and even a ring. In the background, Hard pumping music played, while real life boxers trained. It felt as if we had been transported directly into center ring of a prime boxing movie. The atmosphere was incredible.



Next, a lesson on form. Andrea taught Lil Kid how to make a proper fist (something that I realized that I didn’t even know!) Thumb on the outside – fingers snug inside. Always hit with the upper knuckles. Need to bend your knees! Our guy was getting schooled on the complete boxing stance, technique, and form.



The eye of the tiger! There were other boxers in the gym practicing while our class was in session. When Lil Kid started to get distracted (he loved watching the other athletes!) Andrea brilliantly kept his focus with a lesson on eye contact. Focus and eye contact for boxers is essential.


There were a number of drills throughout the class – this was one of my favorite. The bear crawl! Andrea led Lil Kid across the mat in a number of crawls. Such a great strength training exercise, and perfect for young kids.



After – Lil Kid’s first push up! He did great!

Other fun activity drills followed – ball rolls, shuffle steps, running drills, and more, Lil Kid loved it all – and couldn’t wait for more!



On come the gloves! Important to note that they only have adult sized gloves… but that didn’t stop Lil Kid!




From being the King of the gym!

A huge thank you to Andrea and the entire Church Street Gym team for a class and experience we will never forget!

Class: Kids Boxing Class
Location: Church Street Gym 52 Walker Street New York, NY
Ages: Recommended for ages 6 – 11 years


Time to play! We headed over to the A World of Play Class at Recess D.U.M.B.O.


We arrived to class a few minutes early, and were given the opportunity to play in their incredible play space. Just look at this indoor gym – Lil Kid was in heaven!

From the large wood gym, climbing structures, and pretend play fun – there was definitely something for everyone at this amazing play room.


Class has begun! We followed the instructor to one of the classrooms within Recess. Ample lighting, exposed brick, and character, made it the perfect event space.

Our class today was with Child’s Play NY – a  Brooklyn based company committed to offering a diverse array of theater arts classes for children. As Lil Kid has been doing many “performances” at home lately on a makeshift stage, we just knew an imaginative class would get a passing grade.

Our teacher today was Jocelyn – and she was incredible. Animated, engaging, and so likable. The children automatically took to her, and the fun class.

To warm up – she asked the children to put their toes to the center of the circle depending on age.

Toes in if youre 2!
Toes in if youre 3!
Toes in if youre 4!

The cute technique that opened the conversation, and helped to engage the children.

Jocelyn then led the children with a welcome song.

“We would like to welcome ___” The way each child responded to their name was acted out by the rest if the class.




The class continued with many songs, creative storytelling, puppetry and imaginative fun.

Lil Kid especially loved the puppets! Jocelyn used the puppets during imaginative storytelling. She also asked the children to act out what the animal puppet may say. Cute Lion growls filled the room.


The children shook their silly’s out, pretended they were animals. sang down by the bay, and more. All with improv, acting, drama, I loved watching their imaginations soar!



Our lil guy was a bit shy at first. Loved being able to watch the children explore the creative process and become more engaged as the class progressed. Here – they are imagining they are underwater!


The class ended with parachute time, does it get better than that? Color songs, and sing alongs, the children loved the parachute!

Loved this fun imaginative class, can’t wait to go back!

Class: A World of Play with Child’s Play
Location: Recess D.U.M.B.O.81 Washington Street, Brooklyn, New York (Dumbo)
Ages: 2.5 – 4 years

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Lil Kid Big City is honored to be an ambassador for KidPass. All posts and classes are sponsored, however the opinions of the classes and experiences are our own.

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