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DŌlicious – Discovering Edible DŌ Cookie Dough


Discovering DŌ Cookie Dough

Sweet cookie dreams are made of this! Welcome to the world of  – raw cookie dough treats that are safe to eat! Launched as an eCommerce business two years ago, the company’s new store has opened its doors in Greenwich Village – and its spectacular. Come along as we discover what this dough is made of, and take a look at this new DŌ phenomenon!

The line outside DŌ in the west village

The Fine Line

As with anything in NYC that is great – you will have to wait! Expect a line before even stepping foot in the door. We arrived ten minutes after opening on Wednesday and the line was half way down the street! The wait was quick however – and we were enjoying our dough abut 40 minutes later. We’ve heard weekend waits to top an hour or two. Be sure to arrive early – as many days DŌ sells out and closes early!


Inside DŌ in the West Village

Hello from the DŌther Side

Colorful dancing dots await inside DŌ’s cutely appointed cafe! The modern, cheerful decor is an instagramers dream, and a really fun place to be. Grab a menu upon entering – daily cookie dough selections are highlighted on easy to read menus for guests to review while they wait.  The cafe has a few tables and benches window-side, and a small gifting section, should you need a tote, cake canadles, or party supplies.


The amazing menu at DŌ

The DŌlicious Dough Menu

Of course there would be a DŌ’licious menu of dough! From amazing classics (think chocolate chip, sugar cookie, and brownie flavors) that are always available, and plenty of novelty and seasonal selections (such as red velvet and sugar and kisses for Valentine’s Day!) theres a taste for everyone.


Watching the bakers at DŌ

Open DŌugh Kitchen Fun

Just how do they crate their dough? Little ones will love to watch the kitchen at work through large picture windows! The talented baking team is openly on display – allowing for any budding chef, baker, or food investigator a prime view of the play-by-play cooking action!

The big question – How does it work?

You can stop sneaking bites of dough from the kitchen – the brilliant team has found a way to (safely!) eat raw cookie dough straight from the mixing bowl. All ingredients used in DŌ are completely safe to consume unbaked.  They use a pasteurized egg product which means that there is no chance of salmonella.  They also use a heat treated flour, so there is no risk of food borne illness.

Whats even more amazing about this DŌ – you can take it go, and bake it at home! Enjoy it in the ready-to-eat state, go home and bake, mix it to ice cream or a dish, or anything you wish. The options are endless.

Time to Dig In

The final verdict – it’s DŌlicious! It tastes just as you would imagine – real and delicious as regular cookie dough—but with enhanced flavor options. Our little guy opted for the “Confetti” flavor- with classic cookie dough, sprinkles, white chocolate and dark chocolate chips. I went for the “Classic” which is the original flavor of chocolate chip dough, it was fantastic!

Kid Tips:

  • Expect a wait, especially during these first opening weeks.
  • DŌ often sells out and closes early – plan accordingly!!
  • A little DŌ goes a long way – one or two scoops would be fine! BUT, If you order too much – remember you can take it home and bake with it too.
  • We’ve heard there is also an off-the-menu, dog-friendly cookie dough treat too!
  • Due to the massive crowds, space is limited. Strollers are not recommended.

DŌ Cookie Dough Confections
LOCATION: 550 Laguardia Place NYC
HOURS: Monday: CLOSED; Tuesday, Wednesday: 10 am – 9 pm; Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10 am – 10 pm; Sunday: 10 am – 9 pm
MORE: Read more about DŌ and see their menu HERE


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