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A Garden Grows in Queens


City Growers 1

Look Up! A garden grows in Queens, on a Rooftop of Dreams!

Welcome to Brooklyn Grange Rooftop in Long Island City Queens. One of the homes to the incredible organization, City Growers.

City Growers 5

What feeds you? At City Growers, they feed on farm education and advocacy. City Growers connects urban communities with agriculture, food and environment. Their hands-on educational programming across the city aims to give inner city residents meaningful opportunities to interact with agricultural worlds. Students learn where food comes from by engorging in fun inquiry-based activities that cultivates an appreciation for nature, and empowers them to create a positive change within their own communities.

City Growers 27

We recently met with City Growers for a very special project – replanting our Egg Carton garden!

Come along as we replant our garden and tour the incredible rooftop farm on our latest FreshKids Foodie adventure HERE


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