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Minature Marvel – Gulliver’s Gate in NYC


Gulliver’s Gate, a mesmerizing world of miniatures, is now open for previews in Times Square! The ginormous 49,000 square feet of space displays over 300 miniature cities is truly a must see. Fully functioning with awe inspiring, interactive scenes – visitors to Gulliver’s Gate can see countries that they have only dreamed of visiting.

Exploring Rio de Janeiro!

The Brooklyn Bridge at Gulliver’s Gate

The elaborate NYC exhibit includes the Brooklyn Bridge, Greenwich Village scenes, and of course the Empire State Building,

Becoming a model citizen at Gulliver’s Gate

One of our favorite part of the experience – becoming a model citizen! With one of only 3 body scanners in the world, visitors can be scanned and have a miniature 1:87 version of themselves created and can opt to either take it home or have their figure permanently added to the exhibit.

We have your key to this incredible miniature city! See more as we explore this incredible world of miniatures with our latest article with Mommy Nearest HERE!


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