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Touchdown in Times Square: NFL Experience


A fun football experience has touch-downed in Times Square! Welcome to the NFL Experience – where football fans and visitors can feel as if they stepped right into the shoes of an NFL Player. From immersive gameday elements, augmented reality, physical challenges, and 4D cinematic experiences, this incredible NFL attraction is the perfect way for fans of all ages to learn more about the game, bringing them closer to fun football action than ever before. Are you ready for some football?

Inside thr NFL Experience Times Square

Inside the Huddle of Times Square

It’s quite fitting that the most extensive football experience in the world is in the most famous crossroads of the world. The NFL Experience has quite a home field advantage at 20 Times Square, in a gorgeous 40,000 square foot space on 47th Street, overlooking the plaza and all of the action of NYC’s largest attraction, Times Square.

Fantasy Meets Reality with Cirque du Soleil

The football fantasy attraction was created in partnership with Cirque du Soleil Entertainment and is their first foray into the world of professional sports. With the goal of bringing fans the most interactive and extensive football experience in the world, Cirque du Soliel blended their flair for entertainment with state of the art technology to create an unforgettable journey – an authentic gameday experience that is perfect for families, and is on that you must see to believe.


Fan to the Field Experience

Fan to the Field Experiences

The NFL experience takes guests through ALL aspects of a football game! From fans in the stands, to coaching and training, suiting up in the locker room, to huddling on the field! We loved that the experience highlighted kickoff through playoffs, and everything in between.

A few replays of our family favs:

Perfect for Rookies - NFL Experience Times Square


Explore team traditions, treasures and artifacts while using the touch screen computer displays to discover more facts about your favorite team. The room also features a fun photo opp of footballs signed by all teams in the league. If you visit with young family or a football newbie, be sure to grab a seat in the stadium bleachers where a film explains the basics of the game – a great learning opportunity for those just discovering the league.


Theatrical Spectacular at the NFL Experience Times Square

Fans in the Stadium Stands

There is no way that you wont feel like you are in the game in this incredible 4-D effects theater. Meant to evoke the energy of being in a packed stadium, this 185-seat theater has an encompassing view (literally!) with screens on the sides, in front, and above you. The film shown is called “Gameday” and is best described as an NFL film with a rollercoaster thrill. Be ready for some cool high tech special effects – such as weather elements and aromas from NFL games, to rumble seats that recreate tackles from hard hitting plays.


Lifiting weight at the NFL Expereince Times Square

The Equipment Room

This area was designed to replicate an authentic NFL team workout facility. Fans start by walking through a locker room to the training grounds where they can measure up to the pros with a series of  family-friendly interactive physical challenges – including blocking dummies that measure strength, and a vertical leap test.


Suiting up at the NFL Experience Times Square

Suit Up

One of our favorites from the equipment room activities was the suit up station, where guests can pick their team, select a jersey number, and suit up as a real football player!  With the help of digital technology, this station turns visitors into a computer-generated image of their favorite football athlete, and then prompts them to complete activities (like jumping jacks and your best pose!).


 Quarterback Challenge at the NFL Experience

Quarterback Challenge

It wouldn’t be a true NFL experience without a quarterback challenge! Pick your team and try to complete a perfect pass to a digital image of a receiver in a netted tent where the entire family can try their passing skills. You will have three attempts to catch the receiver in stride and complete the pass, and after you will be able to compare the performance stats to the team’s actual quarterback. Is there any better thrill then completing the game winning pass?


Super Bowl Win Experience at the NFL Experience

Super Bowl Celebration Stations

The crowd cheers and the confetti drops from the sky – an augmented reality station gives visitors this exact feeling at an energetic Super Bowl celebration. So much fun! This was one of our favorite rooms in the experience.


Gatorade Celebration at the NFL Experience

Ever want to secretly be doused in Gatorade like the coaches at the end of a big game? Now you can too (without the sticky mess) at the fun virtual Gatorade dunk area and take-home memory photo. Highly recommend!


Superbowl Trophy in Times Square

Champions Stage

The journey culminates with the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy, where fans can experience the iconic award up-close just like after a Super Bowl victory. After the trophy photo opp, shine bright next to the gorgeous display of actual Super Bowl championship rings, including the first ever Super Bowl to the latest ring treasure (which has an incredible 283 diamonds!).


Victory Tunnel in NFL Experience at Times Square

Victory Tunnel

Reflect on the experience and wave goodbye to your adoring fans in the postgame tunnel, a curved tunnel of screens that gives guests a one-of-a-kind perspective into the game. The room is flanked by a mirror on one side and a curved screen on the other and reflects upon itself to create a tunnel vision for all guests.


Amazing view from the NFL Experience Times Square

Work up an Appetite

There are snack stations through the NFL experience that sell stadium foods such as pretzels, cookies, drinks, (and beer and rose in a can for mom and dad!) that you can bring with you through the attraction.

There is also a larger food counter at the end of the experience called NFLX Eats. The view alone warrants a stop – the restaurant has a “suite” view of Times Square from above. The menu changes to coincide with games and events, the day we visited the menu was of basic concessions including hotdogs and nachos, as well as a brisket sandwich. There was also a small snack cart close to the neighboring gift shop that offered treats such as nitrogen-infused foods (they smoke when you eat them!) and ice cream.


Kid Tips:

  • In addition to hosting fans, the NFL Experience Times Square hosts NFL events, including broadcasts, press conferences, signings, player appearances, VIP parties and more. Check calendar for details.
  • The Gameday film that is played at the theater is 10 minutes long. During the film it “snows” and the snow leaves a bit of residue on the floor. Be careful with children as it does become a bit slippery. Our tip: The best seats to see it “snow” are from the middle to the back of the theater – the snow does not reach the front half of the theater.
  • The seats of the theater require the visitor to weigh 45 pounds to work. Children can still sit in them if they weigh less, but note that the seat mechanism is trigered at 45 pounds.
  • The theater rumble seats each have a control where you can adjust the intensity, which may be needed for young children (I turned down the intensity for our toddler son).
  • During busy times expect a slight wait for the Quarterback challenge.
  • Elevator access is available on all floors; however, the theater is designed with stadium seating with stairs. Wheelchair viewing is available from the top or lower level.
  • Bathrooms are easy to access, and large.
  • NFLX Eats Restaurant and NFLX Swag are both open to the public (no ticket required)


NFL Experience Times Square:

  • Location: Located on the corner of West 47th Street and 7th Avenue at 20 Times Square
  • Time: Sunday – Thursday from 10-6, Friday – Saturday 10-8., 365 days a year
  • Admission: Admission to the NFL Experience starts at $19. Tickets are timed entry. Tickets are not required for children 4 years of age or younger.
  • Tickets: Tickets and More information here

Thank you to the NFL Experience for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are our own.

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