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Lucy in the Sky – Lucy the Elephant Atlantic City


The New Jersey Shore has always had its fair share of spectacular sights to see, but there is nothing quite like Lucy. The world’s largest elephant, and the only one in America designated as a National Historic Landmark, is waiting to be explored in Margate Beach, right next to the ocean shore. Lucy the Elephant, the six-story tall, elephant-shaped example of novelty architecture,  was built to attract tourists. Today she is the oldest surviving roadside attraction in America, and attracts people from all around the world.  Read on as we explore this roadside marvel, and see why Lucy the friendly elephant is a must visit.

Exploring Lucy the Elephant

Lucy is a truly amazing sight. Peeking above the neighboring buildings – driving up to see Lucy is a an absolute treat.  Our little guy was on watch; Mommy – I see the Elephant! I see Lucy! Was echoing from our car – with a smile from ear to ear.

pulling up to Lucy the Elephant

He wasn’t the only one smiling. Lucy is pretty darn neat.

Located in Margate, New Jersey – a short 2 mile drive south from Atlantic City,  this incredible attraction is actually a six-story architecture marvel that you can enter and tour. Made in 1881 (!) as an effort to sell real-estate and attract tourists to the area by a business man, Lucy has seen many different lives. Over the years she has been a restaurant, office, hotel, and even a prohibition tavern. Today – standing proud as a Registered Historical Landmark, she is a delightful tourist attraction and history lesson for children and adults alike.

Exploring Lucy the Elephant

And delighted we were.
How often in life can you say that you were inside an elephant?

Guided tours lead you through the back left leg of Lucy (so cool!) up to the belly where a quite impressively sized room (dare I say it… larger than most NYC sized apartments…) awaits. The room looks quite stately with elegant wood railings and platform that leads to the eye windows.

There, a tour guide tells you of the history and shows a fun video. After, you are allowed to tour the “belly” including the mini museum of historical items and pictures.


Exploring Lucy the Elephant
Walking under Lucy’s belly, awaiting our tour. Standing under and marveling at the sheer size of her is truly amazing!

Inside Lucy the Elephant

The winding, narrow, staircase through the leg.

Inside Lucy the Elephant
In the belly of the beast. The meticulous detailing is a must see!

The tour includes a very short video with (a quite catchy) Lucy song that is still stuck in my head… “Lucy the elephant, down by the sea…”. The video was interesting and kept everyone, including the children, entertained!

Inside Lucy the Elephant
Peeking at the original artifacts.

Historical pictures and displays throughout the belly.

Inside Lucy the Elephant
A highlight of the tour – looking out Lucy’s eye at the Ocean.

The view of the ocean from Lucy the Elephant

View from the Top of Lucy the Elephant

After another narrow stairway – you reach the top of Lucy’s back, which is the covered basket. Incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean and Margate await. Bring a camera!

Singing the guestbook in Lucy the Elephant

Signing the guest book before leaving!

Such an architectural marvel.

Lucy the Elephant toe nails
We especially loved Lucy’s well kept toe nails.

Exploring Lucy the Elephant
Snack time.

Exploring Lucy the Elephant

Lucy looking over all of Margate.

Bye Lucy – until next time. Thank you for watching over all of us.

Lucy the Elephant. 9200 Atlantic Avenue, Margate, NJ 08402-2449.

Tours/Tickets: Guided tours through the interior of Lucy the Elephant occur every 30 minutes at the top and bottom of the hour. Tour price:  Adults (Ages 13 and up):  $8.00, Children (Ages 3 to 12):  $4.00, Children (Ages 2 and under):  FREE. More information on Lucy’s website HERE.
Upcoming Event: Don’t miss Lucy’s annual Birthday Celebration – this year she turns 136!  The celebration includes carnival rides, games, and even Birthday Cake! Saturday, July 22, 2017 from 10:00am – 8:00pm.

Hot tip: Directly next store to Lucy is Ventura’s Greenhouse Café. A beach front restaurant and bar with a great menu and view – a perfect spot for Lunch.

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