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A Tart for Every Taste – Exploring the Pop-Tarts Cafe!


There’s a tart for every taste at the new Pop-Tarts Café!

Pop-Tarts are no longer just for breakfast anymore – Kellogg’s NYC transformed its former cereal space to the Pop-Up Pop-Tarts Café, open today!

For one week only, Pop-Tart fanatics can pop-on over just north of the theater district to watch creative chefs transform Pop-Tart treats into mouth watering sweets.  From Personal Pop-Tarts Pizza to Tasty Tacos, Pop-Tarts Fries to even Chili-Pop-Tarts Nachos- there is endless sweet concoctions for every Pop-Tarts fans.

Tumbs up at Pop-Tarts Cafe

The sweet secret?  They dishes look like lunch entrees or apps – but in actuality are far from that! All the food served in the café is a sweet surprise – they are actually decadent desserts in disguise. The taco meat? Crumbled Cookies and Crème Pop-Tart. The sour crème? That’s actually vanilla frosting.

We were lucky enough to be one of the first to pop-on over to this creative new café on its grand opening day. Read on for a recap of our sweet experience!

Entering Pop-Tarts Cafe

A Tart-Start to the Day!

Upon entering, guests can review the colorful menus on the wall – and get a glimpse of the tasty dishes through a display next to the counter.


The amazing menu at Pop-Tarts Cafe

Crazy Good Creations at the Pop-Tarts Café

Creative menu selections include:

  • Pop-Tarts Burritos: Frosted S’mores, Nutty Caramel Banana or Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Pop-Tarts rolled in crepes with different toppings
  • Personal Pop-Tarts Pizza: Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts crust topped with strawberry sauce and fruity ‘pepperoni’
  • Tarty Tacos: Crumbled Frosted Cookies & Creme Pop-Tarts ‘ground beef,’ surprising strawberry-sriracha salsa and coconut ‘lettuce’ delivered in cinnamon-sugar-dusted tortillas
  • Birthday Fiesta Nachos: Frosted Confetti Cupcake Pop-Tarts ‘chips,’ loaded with sweet spins on spicy toppings
  • Chili Pop-Tart Fries: Chocolate Chip Pop-Tarts ‘fries’ topped with Pop-Tarts ‘ground beef,’ orange frosting ‘cheese’ and colorful candy ‘scallions’
  • There is also a variety of milkshakes made from the pastry !

Full Menus Here!!

The Burrito Station at Pop-Tarts Cafe

Pop-Tarts Café Burrito Station

There is a Pop-Tarts Burrito creation station at the front of the café, allowing for guests to witness first hand the Pop-Tart magic by the talented chef.

Order Up at Pop-Tarts Cafe

Order Up!

Buzz – Read – Retrieve – Leave! After ordering all customers are given a buzzer, which will blink a number as the chefs have completed your order. The number refers to a specific locker – where your order will magically be waiting behind the door.


Sweet spread at Pop-Tarts Cafe

One Tart Spread!

Our amazing spread included the Nutty Caramel Banana Burrito, Tasty Tacos, and the Personal Pop-Tarts Pizza.

The burrito was served with kiwi salsa, strawberry salsa, and frosting ‘sour cream’.

The food presentation was perfection – and looked incredibly convincing! (can you believe that the burrito is a dessert?)

Yummy Shake at the Pop-Tarts Cafe


The Pop-Tarts Café offers 6 delicious shakes to choose from. We chose the Tart Fudge Sundae – with Chocolate Ice-cream, sprinkles, milk, whipped crème, Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tart, chocolate sauce, all topped off with a cherry on top – of course! Decedent, and delicious!

Pop-Tart Cafe Cart

Toast your Tarts Here!

Just want the original breakfast food? The café offers a large range of traditional Pop-Tarts too! Pick your favorite (from over 18 flavor choices!) and toast them on the spot! A singular Tart is $1, while a Flight of 4 flavors is $3.

Pop Tart Cafe Swag

Don’t Forget your Gear!

The café sells assorted gear for the biggest Pop-Tarts fan – from notebooks to socks, hats and even cases for your laptop  – you’ll be decked out in these POPular flocks!

Hurry! The pop-up Pop-Tarts Café is open one week only – through Sunday the 26th!

Pop-Tarts Café
1600 Broadway (between 48th and 49th Street)
Hours: 8am – 10pm daily
More information on this Tart-tastic Café HERE

Hurry! The pop-up Pop-Tarts Café is open daily for one week only – through Sunday the 26th!

Thank you to Pop-Tarts for hosting our yummy experience! As always, all reviews and opinions are our own.

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