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Summer of Adventure with Kidpass


Super Little Champs 1

School is out for the summer – but that doesn’t mean that learning and has to stop. Our city is FULL of amazing classes and activities for children to discover!  However, sometimes locating and booking these classes is a daunting (and expensive) task.

We recently discovered Kidpass – an incredible children’s activity membership that helps you discover and book amazing children’s activities and experiences. It’s like having a pass to the city! From classes, camps, play spaces, museums, and more – there are endless activities and experiences to explore!

Honestly, we wish we had discovered it earlier. We have been having a blast – trying new classes, exploring my sons interests, and introducing him to some incredible experiences. Even better – we’re finding it to be an amazing (and much more reasonable!) alternative to the pricey summer camps.

Kidpass makes it fun to discover and book activities through their online site. Their search function is super easy – choose by category (such as Arts & Crafts, Sports, Swimming, or even Dance!) age range, neighborhood, or provider.

Personally – I love the search tool. Our schedule is sometimes a challenge – but if I know we have next Thursday afternoon open and we’ll be in Chelsea – I can pinpoint activities for this specific request with just a couple of clicks. It’s brilliant!

How does it work? For a low monthly fee you are given class credits. With these credits you book whichever activity fits the interests of your child. Booking a class is really easy!

  1. Sign up for a monthly membership.
  2. Click through and book you class with the credits at your convenience.
  3. Show up – and discover!

That’s it!

A Bonus – Kidpass is offering all followers of Lil Kid Big City 50% off their first month of service! An incredible offer and opportunity to try the service at a huge discount. Simply use code LILKID50 at checkout.

Come along as we highlight our first week of our summer adventure with Kidpass!  Cooking, Tennis, and Swimming!

Class: Little Chefs
Location: Freshmade NYC

Freshmade 1

Cooking has never been more fun! We loved Little Chefs – a culinary cooking adventure for kids! A class focusing on cooking, cooperation, and kitchen skills – it’s the perfect intro to the culinary world for future foodies and children of all ages. The class takes place at Freshmade NYC – a wonderful family cooking school that is devoted to making food healthy, creative and fun!

The children start the class by gathering for circle time where they introduce themselves and discuss the cooking adventure of the day. Today’s fun: Cornbread Doughnuts  – Yummy!

But first – hand washing at the convenient sink near to the kitchen and then eagerly gather at the large communal tables for instruction. The kitchen itself is spacious, incredibly clean and charming. Such a beautiful space and wonderful place to engage curious minds about cooking.


A quick review of all ingredients: fresh corn, corn meal, flour and sweet red peppers. The ingredients are each discussed – and passed around the table for curious investigation. Next, the little chefs are taught how to cut and are given special knives to help chop the pepper.  The special child-friendly knives were amazing. Sharp enough to cut fresh veggies, but not sharp enough to cut fingers. Chef Andrew offered an awesome lesson in cutting. They asked everyone to create a “bear claw” shape with their hands to protect their fingers, complete with a fun “growwwlll” noise to engage the children.

Freshmade 3

Children continued with cutting and readying all the ingredients together for the doughnuts. They took turns stirring batter, and helping to mix together. Such amazing lessons on preparation, teamwork. Chef Andrew, our instructor, was energetic, engaging, and quite simply amazing with the children!

From sifting, measuring, and mixing – all techniques are discussed and done with a playful manner. Loved how the teachers worked with the children, as well as taught small lessons on counting (stir 10 times, lets count together!) and more along the way.

Freshmade 4

After all the ingredients are ready – into the oven they go! While the culinary creations are baking – it’s story time! Stories are chosen from the special curated collection of food and cooking books that are on display within the classroom. The children gather on the floor – and read a couple of stories together while the aroma of their creation starts to slowly fill the air.


Freshmade 5

Soon the doughnuts were ready to eat! The children were each given a doughnut to enjoy. Such an amazing (and delicious) experience.


Class: Kids Tennis Class
Location: Super Little Champs (Pier 25 – other locations available)

Super Little Champs 1

Tennis Time! We loved the Super Little Champs Tennis Class! We chose the Pier 25 location and it was a really fun experience (and just look at that view!).  The drop-in class reviews fundamentals of tennis such as forehand, backhand swings, footwork, etiquette, and general rules of the game.

We showed up to class and found that we were the only attendee for the day, so Lil Kid ended up getting a private one-on-one lesson. How lucky is that? The class took place on the Astroturf section of the pier. While the pier does not have a permanent tennis court/net – Super Little Champs brings a portable net and sets it up on the spot. It was perfect!


Super Little Champs 2

The class started off with practice hitting. Coach Keldon was amazing at helping my son with the racket. He referred to the handle of the racket as the camera. “Point the camera at me!” He made it easy for Lil Kid to understand in a fun and lively manner.


Super Little Champs 3

Even picking up the tennis balls was a fun task! Keldon made it a game to engage Lil Kid and get him to be a big helper. (I’ve never seen my son pick up so quickly!!)


Super Little Champs 4

The class continues with some footwork exercises and games including Caterpillar – where children practice footwork skills while stepping over a ball. A fun coordination exercise!


Super Little Champs 5

High Five! Coach Keldon was super encouraging and engaging – and made sure that my son felt like he was doing an amazing job. while keeping him interested in the game (so important when young children are learning a sport!)  Love the enthusiasm and love he had for tennis, it really showed throughout the class.

Such an awesome experience, our son loved it. Can’t wait for our next class!


Class: Beginner I Swimming – Physique Swimming 
Location: Physique Swimming (Leman Manhattan Prep)

Physique Swim 1

Cool by the Pool! We loved the Introduction to Swimming class at Leman Manhattan. A comprehensive aquatics program offered by Physique Swimming – the introductory class concentrates on swimming basics and safety tactics such as breathing in and out of water, floating on back, pushing off wall, flutter kick, and submerging underwater.

Offered at a number of locations – we chose the convenient Leman Manhattan Prep Pool. A gorgeous facility with ample space and perfect place for the class.


Physique Swim 2

Lil Kid awaiting to enter the pool. He was excited (and a little bit nervous) for his first swim class!

The day we attended had 4 students and 2 instructors. The class started out with splash time, bubble blowing, and other fun antics to introduce children to the water in a playful way. Loved that the class started this way – and it definitely helped my son feel more comfortable with the water!

Physique Swim 3

The first lesson was the back float. The instructors were amazing and engaging – and took their time with each child and helped them into the float position within the water. They kept the children calm and relaxed!

Physique Swim 4

After the back float, the children each took turns with the instructors to practice their flutter kick through the pool. The children loved this(who doesn’t love to splash?) big smiles were seen on all the children (including Lil Kid!)


Physique Swim 5

Next – Jump In! The class ended with a big jumping lesson with the instructors.

Such a fun aquatic adventure. We couldn’t be happier with his first swim class. Lil Kid is already asking when he can come back again and jump back into this class!

See more amazing class options and experiences on Kidpass.com HERE . Don’t forget to use LILKID50 at checkout for an amazing 50% off discount for your first month of membership!

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