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Sweet Send Off to Summer with KidPass


Chocolate Works A

Kid and the Chocolate Factory!
Lil Kid checking out Chocolate Works, the incredible chocolate lovers dream in NYC! From chocolate fountains and creations to sweet candy confections, Chocolate Works is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.
Willy Wonka was dreaming of Chocolate Works when he created his factory! Part factory, candy store, candy boutique, and more – this store has the golden ticket to any sweet treat craving.


Chocolate Works B

Today’s visit was extra sweet – as we were here for an incredible Chocolate Pizza making class, as part of the experience offerings on KidPass. The workshop shows children of all ages how to create a delicious homemade chocolate and candy pizza from scratch!


Chocolate Works C

Sugary sweet treats as far as the eye can see!


Sugar sweet dreams are made in these! Chocolate Works is truly a factory – with conveyor belts, candy making machines galore – everything else you need to make your own handmade candy right here in the store.

Chocolate Works D

Pizza Time!
The class starts out with creating the “crust” of the pizza. Children are given the option of using either Oreo cookies, graham crackers, or crispy pretzels as the base. Lil Kid may be the worlds biggest pretzel fan, so this was an easy choice for him!

Chocolate Works E

The instructor helped to first put a thin spread of chocolate on a plate. The children then placed their chosen snack on top – covering the entire surface.

Chocolate Works F

After – the children were allowed to choose their own topping from the candy bins. Lil Kid was in heaven!


Chocolate Works G

He chose a selection of M&Ms, gummy bears, and Reese’s. Look at the size of that pile!

Chocolate Works H

While they waited for the crust of the pizza to set – the children were able to participate in an extra special activity – to create their own chocolate covered snack while they waited! An experience reserved exclusively for KidPass members.
A choice from the same crust options (Oreo, graham, or pretzel) was first. From there the children helped the snack onto the conveyor belt where it received a chocolate bath!
Lil Kid’s choice – Oreo cookie! He placed it on the conveyor belt and watched it enter the machine.


Chocolate Works I

Hello form the other side! The now chocolate covered Oreo emerges from the other side, where the children have the opportunity to decorate it.
After their sprinkles and candy decorations have been placed – the Oreo continue its journey on the conveyor belt to the cooling machine, where the chocolate will be set.

Chocolate Works J

While the Oreo concoction was setting – back to pizza making! The instructor helped to add warm melted chocolate on top of the pizza. Lil Kid then spread the chocolate around the top if the pie, covering the entire dish.

Chocolate Works K

Next – candy time! The children added their candy toppings over the pizza.

Chocolate Works L

Watching the kids carefully place each sweet treat on their creation was a cute experience. Once all candies were placed, the pizzas were placed in the fridge to set.


Chocolate Works M

While setting – its snack time! The children gathered at the conveyor belt and caught their cooled snacks at the end.


Chocolate Works O

Each child received their own pizza box to decorate, and personalize. Love all the creative touches seen throughout the class.

Chocolate Works P

The final product! Our proud pastry chef with his creation!

Such a sweet experience – don’t miss this amazing class from KidPass!

Class: Chocolate Pizza Making Workshop (Chocolate Works has a rotating schedule of delicious experiences – check the site for current offerings!)
Location: Chocolate Works Upper East Side1410 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 
Ages: 3- 12 years

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