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Behind the Curtain – 29Rooms Art Exhibition


Welcome to 29Rooms – an interactive fun house of style, culture and technology that just descended upon an empty warehouse property in Brooklyn. The exhibition was created by the brilliant team behind the website Refinery29, and in partnership with global artists, designers, and visionaries with incredibly creative minds.

It’s here that guests can explore 29 unique spaces created by artists such as Cleo Wade, Juno Calypso and Alexa Meade; celebrities Emma Roberts and Jake Gyllenhaal; or partake in brand experiences from Aldo, Clarins, Juicy Couture Fragrance, and Cadillac x Jason Wu and more.

Getty Images for Refinery29

With this pedigree of talent, one could imagine the amazing rooms that you will visit. Each space and experience is unique, interactive, and in accordance to this years show theme – Turn it Into Art.

This funhouse of style and creative regalia that took a production team of 200 people over a month to build is more popular then ever. The sold out 29Rooms show was just featured on the cover of a little newspaper called the New York Times, and is expected to reach one in every two Instagram users worldwide. The show runs from Friday September 8th through Saturday September 11th, and is expecting over 20,000 guests in attendance from over 45 states and 13 countries. Unworldly statistics, right? And this is only the third year of the exhibitions existence.

This is not a typical art show or festival – its easy to see that Refinery29 is redefining the art experience, and creating a whole new category through its creative persistence. They are single-handedly rewriting the rules on how to create and curate an art show.

We were lucky enough to tour this creative art scene before the official opening – read on for what to expect if you were one of the lucky ones who has tickets, as we pull back the curtain on this unique, must see experience.

The 29Rooms mural wall, painted specially for the event, guides guests to the main entrance.

Into the Room

Despite the title, 29Rooms isn’t exactly rooms. While yes, some of the installations do have a door that you can walk through, many are installations that are thoughtfully placed throughout a large warehouse space. There is plenty of room around each installation, and the entire area feels quite spacious (especially for New York City standards) allowing for each art seeker to fully take in each experience or scene. Each “room” is labeled with a number and small description detailing the artist and a little bit about the exhibit. Insider tip: Download the free 29Rooms Interactive App to help guide your visit. Along with information on the installations, the app also gives you suggestions for fun eats and drinks in Williamsburg neighborhood for after your visit.

The Rooms

With so many amazing rooms and installations to mention, we couldn’t possibly speak to each one. Here we highlight a few of our favorites.

29Rooms Seen and UnseenDouble vision

Seen and Unseen

This psychedelic room reflects from the floor, creating a mirrored effect to anyone who enters, roving that all things, seen and unseen, are always connected. Photo tip: try to align yourself within the images on the wall for a truly connected experience.


29Rooms Cloud PoolBlue sky, all around me

Cloud Pool

No this is not a dream – you can actually dive right into a cloud pool of 150 pillows (!) in this installation. After taking off your shoes, guests are invited to jump into the perfect place to reflect, relax, or harness your inner child within.

29Rooms - Gender NeutralRestroom Refuge

Gender Neutral

Mimicking the familiarity of a high school bathroom, this space invites guests to listen to first person stories of gender awareness and self-discovery.

29Rooms - Hear our VoiceVoice of change29Rooms Postcards Make your voice heard

Hear our Voice

Surrounded by the many collaborative artworks that Refinery29 created for the Women’s March – this room calls for visitors to unite and use their collective voice by filling out a postcard to send to their state representatives on issues that are important to them.  There are 20,000 postcards that will be available for guests to write a message to their state representative that Refinery29 will mail out at the end of the exhibition.


29Rooms Bright FutureLight the right to healthcare

Bright Future

Shining the light bright on the importance of quality healthcare for everyone – Bright Future allows for visitors to hear stories of those who have been helped by Planned Parenthood, and asks for continued support to help more.

29Rooms - Erotica in BloomIn bloom

Erotica in Bloom

This multi-sensory experience is inspired by the age old sexual symbolism with flowers. Here you are invited to step into 1,500 small flower blooms and partially enter larger then life flower pods for a provocative thrill.


29Rooms - Glace GetawaySnow much fun29Rooms - Feet in the snow

Glace Getaway

No need to board a plane for this vacation, here you can have snow and the beach together in a globe made for all weather in this amazing human sized snow globe installation. Step inside this frozen beauty and enjoy the best of summer and winter all at once. (I personally loved this one!).


29Rooms Tales We TellJust my Type29Rooms - Just my Type

Tales We Tell

This larger then life typewriter sets a poetic scene, and was inspired by the collaborators Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss’ Belletrist book community. Guests are invited to to write in the empty books that line the walls, to craft their own story, or possibly add to somebody else’s.


29Rooms - Become the Masterpiece, Getty Images for Refinery29Getty Images for Refinery29

Become the Masterpiece

With two contrasting art walls painted by Alexa Meade, this exhibit invites guests to become the masterpiece by donning specifically painted pieces and props and standing against the technicolor backdrop. For this costume and prop loving fan, this room was an easy favorite.


29Rooms - The Future is FemaleWorth fighting for29Rooms - The Future is Female Boxing Gloves

The Future is Female

Lace up your gloves and take out any frustrations on these punching bags that were hand painted by illustrator Jen Mussari. Each time a bag is struck, it lets out a loud sound that accompanies a soundtrack by electronic music artist Madame Gandhi.


29Rooms Love WalkTunnel of LoveHeel above the rest

Love Walk

Step inside this lovely tunnel of perfectly placed shoes and stilettos made in collaboration with Aldo. This high heeled runway was made for lovely photo opps – perfect for lovebirds, friends, the shoe obsessed, and even engagements.

29Rooms Art HealsPaint by love

Art Heals

Grab a paintbrush and leave your mark on this painted exhibit where guests can contribute by painting a message of hope or positivity on this living installation. In collaboration with The Art of Elysium.

Know before you Go:

  • Tickets are required, and at time of writing are unfortunately sold out. Try resale outlets or social media contests if you intend on coming.
  • 29Rooms is open to all ages, and children under 2 are free. Parental discretion is advised, as certain rooms feature mature content.
  • Strollers are allowed, however you may be asked to park your stroller in the stroller holding area.
  • There are bathrooms on site.
  • Missed the New York tickets? Maybe a good time for a  a vacation! The show is hitting the road – 29Rooms will be heading to L.A. in December.

Address: 106 Wythe Ave. Willamsburg, Brooklyn
Dates: September 8th – 11th 2017
More Information: Website HERE

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