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Greetings from DUMBO – DUMBO Reflector Sign


The interactive DUMBO Reflector, commissioned by the DUMBO Improvement District, is a must see when visiting Brooklyn. Acting as a Welcome sign to the popular waterfront neighborhood, the amazing interactive art piece wants you to play with it – and actually reacts to tweets, and social media feeds.

DUMBO Reflector in Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Dumbo Reflector

Designed by DUMBO-based multimedia artist David Crumley, the sign makes use of the famous DUMBO acronym (standing for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and measures 12 feet wide by 9 feet tall. It is perfectly placed to beautifully frame the neighborhood’s namesake bridge, and city skyline that sits directly behind it.

Celebrating the artistic culture and tech-forward legacy of the neighborhood – the DUMBO reflector “shows the spirirt of the neighborhood in static forms”, and beautifully feeds on social media hashtags! The social media tags can be changed and programmed, to help reflect current topical issues or community events.

The DUMBO Reflector Art Installation

Some of the hashtags include #DUMBOselfie and  #DUMBOwedding (nods to the neighborhood’s status as the premier spot for wedding photography). Additional features of the DUMBO Reflector include a binary clock, which keeps time on the hour; a “magic 8 ball” where it will answer your pressing questions, and even traffic status information delivery for the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges using data from the New York City Department of Transportation (using #DUMBOTraffic).

When not engaged,  the surface of the letters appear mirrored, reflecting the neighborhood back to the viewer (which is equally as stunning).

DUMBO Reflector Art Installation

It’s a Binary Clock!

The sign in its Binary Clock phase (or resting social media stage).

DUMBO Reflector Art Installation Binary Clock Graph

Using the Binary Clock guide you can tell what time we visited?

DUMBO Reflector Art Installation Binary Clock

We had a bit of fun with our son – and told him he was the magic behind making the color happen. “Why isn’t it working mom?”


DUMBO Reflector Art Installation Magic 8 Ball

It’s a Magic 8 Ball!

We especially loved interactive Magic Eight Ball! The sign, as promised, answered all of our tweeted questions.
We asked the sign where we could find Janes Carousel – of course the answer – Only in DUMBO!

DUMBO Reflector Art Installation Red


DUMBO Reflector Art Installation Green


DUMBO Reflector Art Installation Blue


DUMBO Reflector Art Installation Purple

and Purple

Following this debut at Brooklyn Bridge Park, the sign will travel throughout the community. Follow along its journey on social media.
A must visit!

Location and Info

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park and John Street Waterfront
More Information: HERE

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