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Cooking up some Fun with Kidpass



We recently visited the amazing Art Farm in the City on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Art Farm in the City is an eco-friendly and organic facility dedicated to teaching children about foods, animals, nature, and how to take care of our planet. They offer classes in cooking, art, and more by talented instructors and staff.

Beyond their amazing art and cooking expertise – there is another very unique part to this incredible facility. They have a large, magical space with an indoor petting zoo  – where they teach children about responsibility through caring for and being in the accompany of animals, and about learning about the animals habitats and mannerisms too.

From bunnies to chinchillas, guinea pigs and lizards, birds and fish, and other snakes and turtles too. All right here in NYC – a real life petting zoo!

How amazing that Art Farm in the City offers a number of classes and experiences through KidPass. We combined two options back to back, creating a full afternoon of learning and exploring.

First – we started our afternoon of fun with Open Play Time with the animals we love! Lil Kid was ecstatic to spend time with the animals (such a special treat for a city kid!) He couldn’t wait for our afternoon animal adventure to begin.


Into the zoo! The petting zoo is located in Art Farm’s basement level. The walls are beautifully painted in nature murals such as trees and florals. It feels as if you entered a joyful nature wonderland! The space is beautifully appointed for young kids. There’s fun toys such as rocking horses, small step stools, and all cages are placed to allow for young ones a perfect view.


Lil Kid loved the Guinea Pigs best. With the help of the team, they allow all children to hold and pet them!


Each animal friend has a helpful sign of fun facts on their pen. Did you know a happy guinea pig will jump straight up and down? It’s called popcorning! How fun is that?


So cute! We loved learning about Piper the Guinea Pig!


There’s an entire corner of the floor dedicated to lizards, snakes, fish and more. Little boys and girls will love to watch the explore!


An animal discovery zone of toads and frogs and other lizard friends.

The friendly staff is on hand to answer any questions children may have.


Smiling Snake resides over the fun!


Feathery friends keep an eye on you!


Fluffy bunnies are on hand too – awaiting a friendly pet or two!

Honestly – Lil Kid could spend all day in the petting zoo itself. Where else can you spend quality time with furry friends in the city? We can’t wait to come back and explore (and learn!) more again.

Class: Open Play Time
Location: Art Farm in the City – 419 East 91st Street, New York, NY
Ages: Recommended for ages 6 months – 8 years


After spending some time with some animal friends – we worked up an appetite to cook up some dinner with friends!

Art Farm in the City offers Farm fresh and seasonal cooking classes where children learn about the basics of cooking and the importance of fresh ingredients.

From smelling spices to shaping foods, peeling vegetables, and cutting too – there’s plenty to learn and do in Chef Sylvia’s kitchen! We especially love how the organic menu changes seasonally – and focuses on foods from around the globe.


First step – all  little chefs must wash hands! All children are offered an apron if they wish – to keep the lil chefs from spilling ingredients on their outfits!


Chef Sylvia asked the class “What are we making today?!” Loved hearing the children take a guess.
“Popcorn?!” One said,  “Ice cream!,” said another. “Pizza!!”

“Wow! – Good guess!” She said. Chef Sylvia was fun and playful with the children.

On today’s menu – Butternut Crust Pizza! Perfect for autumn, full of fall flavor – all while incorporating a seasonal farm favorite – Butternut Squash in the dough!


First – we need to create the pizza dough! Every child received a little bowl with pre-cubed butternut squash.

Teacher asks everyone to mash the cubes in the bowl. “Look at your fork – one side has a bump – use this bumpy side to push down on the squash!”
“Mush away – until it’s mashed like mash potatoes!” The children loved this part!


Next – we need to create the pizza dough!

Grab some flour- level it off and put it in the bowl! Each child gets a turn to take a cup of flour from the communal bowl.


Don’t forget your pinch of salt! A dash of nutmeg is added too.


“Drill a hole in the middle – time to mix our ingredients together!”

Adding the flour, water, yeast, and then your mashed butternut squash into to the bowl. Chef Sylvia suggested to create a hole for the liquid making it easier to mix together. Love how children are encouraged to measure and mix all by themselves.


Next – time to kneed the dough! Children are encouraged to get their hands in the dough and create a ball with the ingredients. “Use your muscles!” Some children offered “it feels like Playdoh!”


Roller Time! “Roll it nice and flat, we need it flat for the pizza!!”


Adding the toppings. “Spread the sauce with a spoon!” Keep spreading to the edge!

Last but not least – the cheese! Sprinkle it on!

As the pizza “cooks” children are allowed to have some free play time on the farm. Some children played crafts, others went down to see animal friends. How fun!
Ten minutes later – the children gather to eat!



Delicious, what an amazing treat!

Class: Farm Foodies Cooking Class
Location: Art Farm in the City – 419 East 91st Street, New York, NY
Ages: Recommended for ages 24 months – 8 years

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