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Screams for Ice Cream – CoolMess NYC Review



I scream, you scream, we all scream – when we can make our own ice cream!

The hottest new place in town? Where you can make the coolest mess, and eat it too.

Welcome to the new ice cream queen: CoolMess!

A creative, incredible idea that allows ice cream fanatics to create their own special flavor, right at their dining table.

Sprinkled awnings – there’s fun inside!

Located in the Upper East Side, CoolMess is owned by members of the Burger Heaven family and is located on the second floor above the restaurant.

Walking through a sprinkle wonderland!

The sprinkled hallway was such a cute touch, brining smiles to all instantly upon entering.

Welcome to candyland! The fully stocked candy wall greets visitors.

The space is… delicious! Bright, colorful, and fun – like walking through an ice cream dream.

The creative attention to detail was incredible.

The tables are set awaiting a mess!

Placemats list out ingredients and “messipes” choices for ice cream fun.

The sundae bar and gelato counter!

Not just ice cream, CoolMess also sells a wide selection of local ice cream friends such as gelato, milkshakes, pastries, and more!

First – lunch!

In addition to being an ice cream dream  – CoolMess offers a full (delicious!) menu of Burger Haven favorites from burgers to fresh salads and more. This restaurant has a treat for all!


Choosing the Ingredients for his mess-apiece!

But what’s the scoop?! How does one make their own ice cream?

There’s a few easy steps to make your mess!

Each table is equipped with a small ice cream maker, allowing for ice cream to be made right from your chair. The placemats act as your ingredient list. You can choose your own, or follow suggestions called “messipes” to make certain flavors.

First: You choose your base flavor – either vanilla or chocolate from Brooklyn’s own Blue Marble Ice cream.

Second: Choose a baked good from a yummy list including cookies, brownies, pound cake, or doughnuts. Then, choose 4 ingredients from an excitedly long list of sweet treats.

Third: Add all to the ice cream maker and watch your mess be made! In a matter of minutes the mixture churns and freezes to create ice cream.

Fourth: The best part – enjoy the mess!

The attentive staff were friendly and quick to help!

Lil Kid was quick to choose his own ingredients. Today’s creation: chocolate ice cream base with strawberries, M&Ms, chocolate chip cookie bits, and chocolate pretzels.

The mixture arrives! Pouring in the liquid chocolate that will soon be ice cream!

Lil kid snitching a few M&Ms.

The ingredients. It’s almost time for magic!

Time for fun! Owner and fellow mom Marguerite helps Lil Kid add the ingredients!

A fellow New Yorker, Marguerite has three children of her own. She created CoolMess as a fun, creative outlet for her children and the young at heart alike. A believer in small business and family establishments,  she strives to create a safe and fun environment for families to enjoy.

So inspiring! We loved hanging with her and her team.

Mix Master!

Watching the ingredients mix together!


The first bite! And the verdict….

A happy customer!

Screaming for Ice Cream! Doesn’t it always taste better when you make it yourself?

Colorful fun continues throughout the halls.

CoolMess is definitely Lil Kid’s favorite new flavor!
Until Next Time!

More on CoolMess here: HERE

A huge thank you to Marguerite and the entire team for the cool tour! xoxo






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