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Lil Kid and the Chocolate Factory – Chocolate Works NYC


Welcome to the chocolate factory!

Sweet dreams are made of this.

An incredible chocolate factory, party destination, and candy store wrapped all in one – Chocolate Works is a sweet dream come true.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we recently toured the Upper East Side location with our lil sweetheart as a special holiday treat.

From candy store confections, to decadent parties and workshops – there’s something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Stop and smell the chocolate.

The deliciously sweet chocolate smell filled the room!


Mommy – look at these!

Part candy store – Chocolate Works carries a huge selection of candies and chocolate treats. The beautiful homemade truffles were a work of art!

Conveyor Fun

What would a factory be without a conveyer belt?  Clocking in at 20 feet long, this chocolate machine is used in classes and workshops to mold and create custom chocolate confections.

Taking a Dip!

This incredible, mammoth, chocolate fountain greets you upon entering!! Lil Kid couldn’t wait to take a dip on the fountain.

Chocolate covered strawberries!

With a choice of either marshmallows, pretzels or strawberries, it was hard to choose.

Lil Kid’s first even fountain experience. He loved twirling the fruit within the chocolate! Such a fun experience for kids!


Our little chocolatier! Such a fun treat.

A sweet visit that we soon wont forget!

Two Locations in NYC:
1410 Lexington Avenue (featured above)
641 Amsterdam Ave

More on Chocolate Works HERE


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