New York City

Kookie Kid



Our yearly St. Patty’s Day cookies. Lil Kid LOVES to cook. He’s well on is way to a Michelin Star. Mom, not so much. It once took me over an hour to figure out how to turn on the oven, my husband does not allow me to use a sharp knife (*due to previous incidents) and I’ve started a fire in the microwave 3 times. This is not an exaggeration. A cook, I am not.

But Cookies from a tube that don’t resemble any shape and taste like processed sugar? Consider me Martha Stewart.

Here – our annual St. Pattys Day Cookies. Lil Kid is obsessed with sprinkles. His chef secret? It’s all in the ratio, 1:1. One container of sprinkles to one cookie. Shhh, Don’t tell.






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