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Rockin around the Christmas Tree – Rockefeller Center


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Christmas in New York is incredible. There is simply no other city that compares. From experiencing the sights to the amazing lights, try as you might, it cannot be duplicated anywhere else. A New York City at Christmas is something to be experienced!

The city’s seasonal crown – the beautiful, stunning, infamous, Rockefeller Christmas Tree! Nothing says New York Christmas more then this sight.

Our family makes it a point to go once a year to see the majestic tree in person. Each year as Lil Kid grows older, so does grow the magic of our trip.


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This year – we combined our experience with the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Show.

We arrived at the tree around 8:30am (yes super early!!) but this ensured lesser crowds and much more enjoyable experience.

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Walking around the tree – and viewing the beautiful Swarovski crystal star. This star is a replica of what rests upon the top of the Rockefeller Tree.


“Look at the Big Tree Mommy!”

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Lil Drummer Boy.

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Into the show! Finding our seats.

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Popcorn Selfie!

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During the show  – Lil Kid meeting Santa! Hot Tip: There are certain seats that reside along Santa’s entrance to the show. Booking these seats allows for the opportunity to meet and give Santa a High-Five!

This was our second year booking these seats – and Lil Kid’s second high-five and special moment. An amazing experience for him – he was over the moon meeting Santa!

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During the show – Doesn’t get more New York then this! The Rockettes are spectacular!


After the show – an opportunity to meet a Rockette! Love how Lil Kid is “Leg Height.”

Such an incredible show full of memories!

More on the Radio City Christmas Spectacular HERE

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