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Swing on Over – The Swings Installation


DSC07074Lil Kid, Big Swing!

Swing on over to The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation, the latest art installation at Brookfield Place in Battery Park City.  Created by Daily tous les jours, a Montreal-based design studio, the Swings is an amazing traveling interactive installation that is designed for cooperation.

Each swing triggers different musical notes while in motion – the higher you swing, the higher the octave.  When the swings align, the notes combine to create music together.

What a beautiful concept. Love the idea of the community coming together to create music!


DSC07012Bring on the Swing!

We were lucky to get a sneak peak at this new installation before it opened to the public. Lil Kid couldn’t wait to try this interactive version of his favorite playground pastime!

DSC07119All in the details

The cute messaging: Be Good. No Standing or Jumping, Hold on tight! The swing base illuminates- can’t wait to see these amazing swings at night.


DSC07030In the swing of it!

The structure is art in itself with a modern, sleek appearance, and holds 10 singular swings. The swings themselves are a bit higher off the ground then those seen on a typical playground set, are made of hard plastic, and are easy to operate.


DSC07024King of the Swing!

Lil Kid loved sitting upon the swing. “Wow Mommy – I’m so high up!” He was intrigued by all the different sounds, and music he was hearing from his neighbors.

Looking around I noticed the reactions of others. Everyone was smiling, and happy. One woman was laughing and exclaimed “I feel like a kid again!” The group was of all ages, and included men in suits, young children, and grandparents. Was an awesome sight to see such a varied group of people come together to have a bit of fun,  and make music.


DSC07018Let’s Swing!

Me and my guy on The Swings! He is still too young to pump by himself, and needed a little help.

As we got higher, the musical notes did as well. It definitely was a little tricky to align with our neighbors, but for the few times that we did, we were rewarded with a beautiful melody. So cool!

Loved our discussions about the musical notes we were hearing, and how if we work together with our neighbor, we could create something bigger.

An awesome lesson, with a wonderful memory that we will never forget.



A huge thank you to Daily tous les Jous – We had such a swinging good time!

More on The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation, and their on going tour HERE

The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation by Daily tous les Jours
On Display at Brookfield Place from June 10th – July 7th
12pm – 8pm Daily

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